Best Friends Dog Rescue
1330 Bold Springs Road, Cairo, GA 39827

Wish List
Dog food - We feed Purina Dog Chow or Purina Puppy Chow.
Blankets for winter, durable toys, flea/tick prevention (advantage, advantix).

Anyone that would like to come out to our facility and spend time playing or walking with the dogs/puppies would be great! Just e-mail us at

Sponsor a Dog
See a particular dog that melts your heart? You can always sponsor a dog (or cat) as well. You may send donations, toys, food, etc., for them - just send to our address above in c/o that animal's name. We will keep you updated on the dog or cat during sponsorship and send you photos and info. If the dog you choose gets adopted, we will contact you to select another dog of your choice.